Deborah Stein: 2 x NY Golden Gloves Champion featured in Nike Ad


"Our philosophy is to develop students in the arts of Boxing and Kickboxing to the best our ability. In the process guiding them to train and perform to the best our their ability. The result is a participant that truly understands the unity of mind, body and spirit. This can only be achieved through hard work and dedication from both sides"....Coach Lee

Training and Development
There are three(3) levels to our training program:

  • Level I
    Students spend the majority of training time conditioning their bodies and minds. This is done through calisthenic exercises and academic training.

    Students also spend quality time developing their fundamentals, i.e., proper shadow boxing delivery of technique and form. Later, partner drills are added to develop timing and interaction.

  • Level II
    Lacing up the gloves or sparring, which builds sportsmanship and application. Throughout the training, Lee emphasizes competence and safety. In the Freeform Club, time is not an issue: what may take one person six months may take another person a year. For us, the important thing is that none of our members step into the ring without first being in good physical condition and our standards for conditioning are high.

  • shadow boxing
  • Level III
    Students who choose to, become competitors. We strongly believe in the hands on approach as part of our developmental phase. This way our boxers learn to work as part of a unit by constantly interacting with more experienced athletes.

    Fitness Training

    We offer boxing and Kickboxing training for those who are not interested in competition, but want to stay in shape.......

    At the present time please note that kickboxing is being offered to competitors, one on one, and private groups only and by appointments only. Contact us for availability and scheduling..