At one point Coach Lee noticed there was a shift in the club’s clientele. A club that started out as predominately male was starting to attract female members. Not only were the females training, but they were every bit as dedicated as the men.

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Eventually some of the women came to Lee and stated that they also wanted to compete. There was no hesitation. Lee whipped three of them into fighting shape and threw them head-first into a few kickboxing competitions and, later, boxing tournaments. Not only did they fare very well, they won.
He then established the Teamfreeform Women’s Boxing/Kickboxing Team (the women usually did both arts) in which these women dominated their weight divisions in boxing and kickboxing throughout the New York Metro area.

Adrienne Ford -'12 & '13
Fighter of the year

In 2001 Coach Lee’s Team freeform prepared three ladies for the First Women’s World Boxing Championships.

This was a pre-Olympic-style tournament that included 35 countries, thus setting the wheels in motion toward making women’s boxing an Olympic sport. A quarter of the American Team was made up of women from Teamfreeform, a feat which made history in women’s amateur boxing in the U.S. and is not likely to be repeated any time soon.

In 2002 the team sent another woman to the 2nd World Games who was chosen as the U.S. Team Captain. Our goal at Teamfreeform is to develop excellent boxers (male and female) and in the process assist in keeping women’s boxing and kickboxing growing and on the path toward World-Wide acceptance. What started out as a small women’s team has developed not only into a sorority, but has also become a legacy.