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coachLee Shabaka has studied various forms of martial arts since the age of fourteen including karate, kung-fu (see sample video), boxing and kickboxing. During his early years of training he attended college at St. Augustine’s in Raleigh, North Carolina. There he met and trained with several amateur and professional champions. It was then that he came to the conclusion that there are no superior systems, only superior fighters—a motto he uses up until this day.

After college, Lee returned to his native New York landing work as a fitness trainer. Through that knowledge he began to emphasize the importance of conditioning in training via calisthenics, resistance and cardiovascular activity, in creating a complete fighter.

Lee introduced his training concepts to the top health clubs in New York City, long before boxing and kickboxing became trendy.

Lee states that when he first brought punching mitts and kicking shields into the health clubs to most health club managers, they didn’t know what they were, let alone what they were for.

Nevertheless a simple exhibition in the use of this equipment was good enough for most health clubs to give the green light. He focused on using boxing and kickboxing techniques as a vehicle towards a fitness workout.

Coach Lee has also taught his training methods at New York’s best known boxing gyms such as Kingsway Boxing Gym, Gleason’s Gym. and Mendez Boxing Gym

Lee admits that not everyone is cut out for this system simply because some people don’t adjust well to intense training. But those that do have nothing to lose and everything to gain: for them its a win-win situation.

He developed a women’s component and by 2001 Teamfreeform prepared 3 women for the First Women’s World Boxing Championships (See Our Women’s Boxing Club) thus supplying the U.S. with 1/4 of the American Team. Team Freeform has continuously developed male and female competitors on the State, National and International level.

We offer some of the best boxing instruction to competitors and general participants alike. Over the years we have gotten many people into fighting shape…at the Freeform Boxing Club, we specialize, in results. .