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BoxingOver 40


Boxing has become very popular in the past few years and with that came adjustments. People no longer Box for competition and cash prizes. The options now stretch into the areas of Fitness and Recreation. Today there is a new breed of Boxer ... The Master Boxer.

Master Boxers are Women and Men over 40 who Box. Like there peers under 40, the Master Boxer can also compete if she/he prefers. But the majority of Master Boxers are Recreational Boxers. They don't seek to be a Contender, they aspire to train like one.

Most Master Boxers on Team Freeform can be found donning Headgear and Gloves for sparring. This level of sparring is usually based on strategy and tactics, these principles can also be applied to everyday life and in business.

Other concepts that the Master Boxer learns is how to manage confrontation, develop self awareness and the ability to navigate stress and anxiety. Our Master Boxers are very versed in the art of Boxing and apply their Boxing principles in their personal lives.

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