Cara Castronouva: 2 x NY Golden Gloves Champion Trainer Biggest Loser TV Show


“There is no ritual, it’s distinctly western in style. The rhythm is all boxing-bobbing, weaving, feinting, ducking, moving, always on your toes.”
  —Graham / G.Q.

“The freeform system Lee teaches is culled from his broad martial arts background—a kind of greatest hits list...”   
Jim Williams / Mens Journal

“I've learned the requisite upper body weapons (jab, cross, uppercut, spinning backfist) as well as lower body maneuvers (round, front, side, and low kicks).”   
Tyler Pappas / G.Q.

“The atmosphere is loose—no uniforms, no belts, no bowing, no kata—places a great deal of stress on conditioning, but he also teaches you how to fight.”   
Time Out N.Y.

“Lee’s methods will get you into great physical shape, that’s a given. But what you don’t expect, if you’re not coming to him from a fighting background—which I wasn’t—is what the work will do for you mentally.”   
Edith Freni/ Screen Writer and Amateur Boxing Prospect

“I started to train with Lee Shabaka shortly after I decided to be a competitive boxer. I heard about all the female champions that Lee has trained and figured he must be doing something right. So I decided to give the “Freeform Method” a try. After training with Lee for a year I have come to understand why he has trained so many champions: (1) he’s brilliant, (2) he’s honest and (3) he’s created a team. Lee really understands boxing and is able to convey his knowledge to others effectively. ”   

Cynthia Roszkowski/ Pre-Physical Therapy Student and Amateur Boxing Prospect

“Lee is one of the best coaches I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. I am a witness to him coaching boxers from the local level to the national and international level of competition. He is very well researched and open to learning new ideas. This makes him a great coach. ”   
Ellis Peters/ Former Kickboxer, Professional Swimming Coach

“Before training with him three years ago, he looked at me at told me without any hesitation that I would be a champion in at least a year. Now three years later I am a 7 time champion at 110lbs and 114lbs. I also learned how to apply what I’ve learned in the gym with Lee in my everyday life struggles. I highly recommend his teachings to whatever you may want to do in life as far as being healthy, competing as a boxer, or just keeping in shape. ”   

Keisher "Fire" Mcleod/ Actor/Model and Multi-Award Boxing champion

“Lee Shabaka has changed my life physically and mentally. Speaking from experience, I came to Lee as a fighter just getting by on guts and brawn alone. Lee has helped me develop from a brawler into a skilled and refined boxer in a short time. I went on to become nationally ranked and win the Golden Gloves in Madison Square Garden, something I only dreamed of achieving as a young boxer. Lee helped make this dream come true.”   

Cara Castronuova/ Teacher and Multi-Award Boxing Champion/Trainer-Biggest Looser TV Show